Health & Medical Services

Dedicated and free medical services to the less fortunate and the rural society. These services are rendered by voluntary medical centers in regions that do not have access to medical care.The Medical projects include Annual Medical care events, Health Awareness drives, Ayurvedic pharmacy, Herbal farms, Yoga Camps and Blood donation camps.

YDS Yoga Camps conducted regularly in India and abroad by professionals in the field.

Blood Camps Collection of more than 14,000 units of blood in the annual blood donation camps.

Herbal Farms Where a variety of herbal plants are cultivated & tested as Ayurvedic medicines. The Center also conducts research for treating diseases like diabetes, asthma & kidney disorders and provides care for those with diseases like Cancer and AIDS.

Medical Vans Dedicated doctors & nurses operating from Medical Vans that provide competent, free medical services in rural & tribal areas.