Guiding Force

His Divine Holiness Hariprasad Swamiji Maharaj

Birth: May 23, 1934
Birthplace: Asoj, Gujarat
Guru: Yogiji Maharaj
Spiritual Head Since: 1974
Rural Areas Developed: Over 100 Villages
Saints Initiated: Over 200

He toils day and night to foster the principle of Atmiyata (Spiritual Affinity with one and all). Swamiji has loved all. He is known as the most secular saint in the contemporary world. Swamiji identifies all with Yogiji Maharaj and that is the reason he is acclaimed as a universal saint who strives to cultivate humanity, devotion and harmony in an individual, in the society, in the nation and in the world. His dictum is, ‘O Lord! Whether the other person becomes Atmiya (spiritually harmonious) or not, please make me Atmiya, (spiritually harmonious)!’ meaning, a devotee irrespective of the surroundings, circumstances, nature, temperament has to be harmonious and devoted to His Lord and the spiritual master. Today, because of His divine prowess and sublime selfless love, there are thousands of youths whose lives are the model of true piety, devoid of vices.

Swamiji’s life slogan, “Yuvako maru sarvasva chhe” – Youth is my life, signifies the special place He has for Youth in His heart. He always emphasizes the extraordinary potential present in a youth: “Yuvan dhare tevo thai shake” – A youth has the potential to become what he chooses to become. Youth, a reservoir of dynamic energy and talent, could change the course of history. When this energy is channeled towards positive avenues, the maximum potential of Youth, and that of human life, is fully realized. This is a cause that is very dear to Swamiji. Through His selfless love, compassionate care and divine blessing, He has given the modern youth a new meaning and direction in life, with a special emphasis on keeping the right company and achieving excellence in all aspects of life.
His magnanimity has led the communion to live the life in accordance to the set principles of Lord Swaminarayan and the saints without artificial persuasion.

His life and work could be more justified when we navigate through the activities inspired by Him, carried out under the auspices of Yogi Divine Society.
He inspires…He guides…He cares…