About Us

Yogi Divine Society is a trusted hindu spiritual and humanitarian charity organization. With its vast network of centers and volunteers world-wide, the organization has enabled hundreds of thousands of children, youth and families to lead a happy, peaceful and harmonious life.

Motivated by our faith in Lord Swaminarayan, Yogi Divine Society serves the global community alongside all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender.

Founded in 1974 by its spiritual head His Divine Holiness Guru Hariprasad Swamiji and actively operating in over 500 centers world-wide in countries like India, USA, Canada, Australia, New-Zealand, United Kingdom, Germany, France, South Africa, Kenya.

Our Values

We operate under the universal values and guidelines as taught by Lord Swaminarayan which is a blend of the spiritual essence of Hinduism and universal principles of other religions of the world.


All our activities will be carried on with utmost devotion with the guideline of ‘Selfless Service unto Mankind and Devotion unto God’.


We will live and operate in harmony with self, friends, family, society and environment.


Our activities will enable Universal Brotherhood where one considers themselves and everyone as children of god.

Our Mission

To serve the individual, family, society and environment with wide range of humanitarian and spiritual activities based on our deep-rooted faith in Lord Swaminarayan to enable the highest quality of life.

Our Vision

Serve the society by providing spiritual services, cultural training and other human services like health-care and educational activities on a secular basis to promote community development, family values enrichment, educational literacy, good-health and self-sufficiency and enable happy, peaceful and harmonious life.