Guruhari Hariprasad Swamiji was no ordinary saint, but a supreme and divine being. Countless devotees came to recognize Him to truly be a manifest form of Bhagwan Swaminarayan. Devotees from around the world have had firsthand experiences with Swamiji which reveal His true glory and His true greatness.

Much to our great fortune, Guruhari Prabodhjivan Swamiji has brought each of these divine experiences before our very eyes. Over the past few decades, Prabodh Swami personally contacted devotees far and wide to collect their unique experiences with Swamiji. He listened to thousands of such testimonials and compiled these prasangs. After many years, these very prasangs were published into a book series called Bhede Sakshi Anantna, which closely translates to: Winning Countless Hearts with Divinity.

This book, Bhede Sakshi Anantna: Part 2, is an English translation of the original Gujarati text published in 2009. By delving into these prasangs, we will gain insight into Swamiji’s unimaginable hardships, His selfless love, His enlightening messages, and above all, His supreme divinity.