On Sunday, February 9th , 2020 we celebrated Vasant Panchmi, the arrival of Spring, at Harisumiran Mandir. In the Swaminarayan sampraday, this occasion also marks the anniversary of the Shikshapatri and Shastriji Maharaj’s pragatyadin.

This occasion was celebrated with a devotional Kirtan Aradhana. In between the various bhajans which were sung, inspiring incidents were narrated highlighting Shastriji Maharaj’s efforts to establish the Akshar-Purushottam Upasana and Guruhari Hariprasad Swamiji’s mission of instilling the values of samp, suhradbhav, and ekta within the hearts and minds of all devotees.

A video of Swamiji’s discourse delivered on Vasant Panchmi was then shown. Swamiji spoke about the slogan das-na-das. He mentioned that to truly become das-na-das we must not bear any ill feelings toward devotees and our family. In addition, having firm nishtha in Bhagwan helps us combat and fend off any negative thoughts when we encounter challenging circumstances in daily life. We would gain the strength to live a life of constant happiness. With this message, the sabha concluded with aarti, and mahaprasad for all devotees in attendance.