Inaugural Ceremony

Aug 2-4, 2024

Grand Opening Ceremony


Hindu Swaminarayan Temple
& Cultural Center

5850 Louetta Rd, Spring, TX 77379

With the grace of Bhagwan Swaminarayan, His Divine Holiness Guruhari Hariprasad Swamiji, and His Divine Holiness Guruhari Prabodh Swamiji, we are pleased to announce the grand opening of the Harisumiran Mandir in Houston!

This temple is built on the foundation of the rich Hindu culture and heritage (sanskruti), communal harmony and unity (atmiyata), and selfless service (seva). The Harisumiran Mandir will serve to instill such values within the hearts and minds of countless families and youths for generations to come.

With great warmth, Hariprabodham Parivar extends a heartfelt invitation to join us with your family and friends for the  Harisumiran Temple Inaugural Ceremony & Murti Pratishtha Utsav.
We would be greatly honored to have your presence for this historical celebration!

Friday Aug 2nd 2024

Suhradam Ambrish Shibir

Session 1: 4:00pm – 7:30pm
(for Hariprabodham Ambrish Parivar Only)

Saturday Aug 3rd 2024

Suhradam Ambrish Shibir

Session 2: 9:00am – 12:30pm
(for Hariprabodham Ambrish Parivar Only)

Mahapooja & Ambrish Diksha

3:45pm – 5:45pm

Grand Procession & Celebration

6:15pm – 7:45pm

Sunday Aug 4th 2024

Murti Pratishtha Ceremony          

8:45am – 10:00am

Utsav Sabha

10:30am – 12:30pm

Harisumiran Mandir is for everyone…

For Children

A welcoming atmosphere to explore the Hindu culture and develop an appreciation for our heritage



For Youths

An empowering environment created to unlock their inherent potential and unleash their latent excellence



For Families

A communal hub offering opportunities to engage in activities and festivals aimed at fostering moral values and cultivating harmony amongst families, neighbors, and communities

For Aspirants

A sacred sanctuary dedicated to nurturing the holistic development of the mind, body and soul



The Inspirer…

H.D.H Hariprasad Swamiji

Guruhari Hariprasad Swamiji was a spiritual lighthouse who dedicated his entire life to serving all those who came into his association. Those who connected with Swamiji discovered their path to true happiness. Just one meeting with him, and at times even his mere darshan, filled countless lives with inner joy and tranquility. His vision and inspiration for creating a holy sanctuary for individuals to experience inner peace culminated in the establishment of Harisumiran Mandir in Houston, Texas.

H.D.H Prabodh Swamiji

Today, Guruhari Prabodh Swamiji carries forward the legacy and mission of Guruhari Hariprasad Swamiji! Prabodh Swamiji has inspired countless lives, transformed the hearts and minds of youths, and enabled all those in his association to attain happiness and enlightenment. It is our great fortune that the inaugural ceremony and Murti Pratishtha celebration of Harisumiran Mandir in Houston will be conducted in the divine presence of Guruhari Prabodh Swamiji!

Mandir Construction Timeline…

Dec 4th 2021

Groundbreaking Ceremony

Harisumiran Mandir – A Spiritual Sanctuary…

Inspiration from Thakorji

Harisumiran Mandir will provide an opportunity to have darshan of Thakorji and offer our prayers. This not only purifies the mind but allows for a deeper communion with Thakorji, one through which we can derive inner strength and a stronger sense of purpose.

Selfless Service (Seva)

Seva is a selfless and pious activity performed with the sole purpose of pleasing God. Harisumiran Mandir will offer plentiful opportunities to engage in such service, ranging from cleaning and organizing to community service and charity work.

Harmony at Home (Atmiyata)

Living with unity and harmony brings a unique sense of joy and oneness. Harisumiran Mandir will provide an environment that naturally promotes such atmiyata, encouraging individuals to cultivate harmonious relationships within their families and society at large.

A Healthy Mind & Body

A spiritual center, such as a mandir, promotes the development of noble virtues such as honesty, altruism, forgiveness, self-discipline, and humility. Visiting the Harisumiran Mandir on a regular basis will serve as a motivation for individuals aspiring to bring positive changes in their lives.

Spiritual Wisdom

The wisdom attained from delving into spiritual concepts can profoundly impact and improve every facet of our lives. Harisumiran Mandir will serve as a hub for spiritual wisdom, where saints and spiritual leaders will share insights through discourses and personal counseling. Such wisdom can help navigate life’s challenges and help progress on the spiritual journey.




Upholding Moral Duty


Serving All As God


Free from Materialistic Desires


Knowing the Ignorance


Glory of God & Devotees


Glory of God & Devotees

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