On Sunday, October 13th, 2019, there was a special Annakut prepared by youngsters at Harisumiran Mandir during the Sharad Poornima festival. During this Kids Annakut, many youngsters, accompanied by their parents, came dressed up in traditional Indian garb. At the beginning of the event, all of the kids played at the various carnival stations, including bean bag toss and mini-golf. Throughout the entire event, kids were served freshly made popcorn and cotton candy. After the carnival games, the kids played musical chairs and took part in a lime and spoon race. Every participant received a prize, with the winners receiving drones.
After all the games, the kids received a candy to eat, but with one caveat — they couldn’t eat the candy where they could be seen by anybody. After one minute, the kids came back and were told about an incident in which one kid returned the candy and told the teacher that he is never alone because Bhagwan is always with him. This taught the valuable lesson that we must believe that Bhagwan is always with us and looking after our wellbeing. Then the kids assembled a conga line into the main sabha, where a few children narrated prasangs about Yogiji Maharaj and Swamiji. Amrutaben spoke on the significance of Annakut. The Kids Annakut ended with the kids eating the dishes offered to Thakorji. It was a joyous and memorable celebration for the kids, parents, and everyone in attendance.